Crisp, Spicy & Sweet

A blend of Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples, New York native Jonagold offers a unique honey-tart flavor and crispy, juicy, nearly yellow flesh. It debuted in 1968, a product of the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station. With a yellow-green base skin color and a red-orange blush, it is excellent both for eating fresh and for cooking. Jonagold is typically available October through July.





Honey sweet, with a hint of tartness

Juicy, crisp, creamy yellow flesh

Best Uses

Excellent for eating, salads, sauces, and baking

Good for pies and freezing


Special Hint

Jonagolds also make great fried apples. Simply sauté in a little butter and add a touch of cinnamon. No sugar needed.


Jonagold apples are harvested in October.  You can find Sun Orchard Jonagolds in retailers October through May.

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