Sweet&Tart with Cinnamon Undertones 

A cross between Jonathan and McIntosh apples, Jonamac is closer to a McIntosh in terms of flavor, just a bit sweeter. Many people love the touch-of-honey taste of a Jonamac, a great eating apple.





Firm flesh, crisp

Sweet/tart flavor

Cinnamon and nutmeg undertones

Best Uses

Excellent for eating 

Good for apple sauce 


Special Hint

If you are an apple connoisseur and appreciate McIntosh, Jonamac is looking for more complexity and less tartness, or you like Jonathan but want a softer and sweeter experience, try Jonamac.


Jonamac apples are harvested in late August/Early September.  You can find Sun Orchard Jonamacs in retailers September through Early October.

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