Sweet & Juicy

Founded more than 120 years ago by horticulturalists in New York State, Cortland has a yellow-green skin with lots of red and even bluish accents. Beautiful and tart, it’s a tender apple that browns slower than most when sliced, so it’s a “smart” choice for serving up as a snack or in a salad. You’ll mainly find this apple in the East and Midwest in the fall through early winter.





Sweet and Juicy, with a hint of tartness

Tender, snow-white flesh

Best Uses

Excellent for eating, salads, sauces, pies and baking

Good for freezing


Special Hint

Cortland apples are wonderful for kabobs, fruit plates and garnishes because they don't turn brown quickly when cut.


Cortland apples are harvested in late September. You can find Sun Orchard Cortlands in retailers September through April.

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