Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you currently ship your apples? 

While we have a great group of valued local retailers, Sun Orchard currently ships our apples all over the world to domestic and foreign markets.  No matter where you are we can send apples your way!

Can I customer order any of your packaging items? 

Yes, Custom pack bags available upon request 

  • Custom sizes range from a 2 pound bag pack to a 10 pound bag pack.
  • Bags by the count (ex. 8, 9, 10 apples etc.) also available upon request.

(Requires proper lead-time based on customer’s apple variety choice and packaging preferences).

Do you offer organic or kosher fruit? 

Unfortunately at this time we do not offer organic or kosher fruit. 

What varieties do you offer? 

Sun Orchard currently ships about 15 of the most popular New York varieties in multiple grades, sizes, and packaging options.  Visit our Apple Variety section to learn more about our apples. 

 Lear more about our apples: Sun Orchard Apple Varieties

How do I contact Sun Orchard? 

We can be reached via phone, email, snail mail, or stop by in person! Head over to our "Connect" page for full contact information.

Full Contact Information here: Contact Us

What are your food safety standards? 

We take food safety very seriously here at Sun Orchard, we got to great lengths to ensure a quality apple that is safe to eat for our end consumers.  Every year Sun Orchard participates in 3rd party audits to ensure that we are employing the best industry practices in handling, packing, and storing our fruit to meet strict safety regulations.  All employees at Sun Orchard receive proper training and certifications for their respective roles following strict policies to ensure a clean and safe production environment.  Our facilities are routinely inspected, monitored and cleaned everyday to be well within our high standards of quality and safety. 

Sun Orchard participates in the following food safety programs and maintains annual certifications:

  • Primus Labs HAACP Certified 
  • Primus Labs GFS Packing House

Have more questions and want to speak with us directly? 

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